LA Adventure Academy is held in the beginning of June. Courses offered deal with the training and skills required to run a camp or corps group.

  • In this course you will cover the basic information on what a new Camp Staff Commander / Organizational Leader needs to know to work at the Louisiana Adventure Academy. There are many positions required to run an effective and successful Adventure Academy.  Five topics will be covered to help you better understand and prepare you for your responsibilities and duties as a Camp Staff Commander/Organizational Leader.

    1. History of Adventure Academy
    2. Academy Schedule
    3. Academy Guidelines and Policies
    4. Description and outline of activities for each Camp and Corps
    5. Pledges
    6. Quiz

    This is a great opportunity for you to mentor boys and young men for service in our Lord's Kingdom. Look forward to seeing you at Academy in June.

    Self enrolment
  • Crops School I

    All Camps, Frontier Barraged, Elite Corps and Special Forces  

  • Corps II -  Survival Training Trails (STT)

  • Corps School III Pathfinders Corps School